Lunen Handicraft Limited. is a comprehensive wickerwork company,we design and manufacture a lot of products in scope basketware and woodwork products.

When I was 22 years old, after graduation from university with the major of International Trade,I was engaged in my family owned business.

I was very happy when I received my customers calls and emails to appreciate our great credit and friendly service.Some of our customers become friends,when we were drinking Chinese tea together and ate our local delicious food.So we are not only cooperator for each other,but also build friendship between us.I know clearly that all of them must base on high and consistent quality products with quick delivery at reasonable low prices. 

Our mainly product has kinds hand woven coffins and Wooden craft .We exported more than 12000 pcs coffins every year, because we have many customers from different countries always support our work for many years,such as UK,USA and Australia etc.

"Good Price. Good Quality. Good Service" is always our strong faith. We don't mind starting with a small quantity, that's a chance for each other.Pls just contact us with no hesitation.

Thanks a lot.

Lunen Handicraft Ltd

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