Square Wicker Pet Coffin
On the lid of casket,there have a window which is a traditional design,someone can set eyes on his beloved pet for last time.


Size: 55*35*25cm, 30*20*15cm. 



Oval Coffee Wicker Pet Coffin
Beautiful oval wicker pet coffins are available in 4 sizes suitable for small pets to large dogs,unbleached natural cotton liner which gives a professional yet sympathetic finish.


Size: 96*60*30cm, 75*50*25cm, 50*35*18cm, 35*25*14cm.



Heart-Shaped Wicker Pet Casket
Prfect heart-shaped pet casket,with pretty cotton lining and pink band,let your pet have a green and beautiful ending. 



Bamboo Scatter Pouch
A scatter pouch made from woven strips of bamboo that can be used as a temporary vessel until you come to scatter your pet's ashes. It can also be used for burial as the pouch and the bag containing your pet's ashes are both biodegradable.