All our wicker/willow coffins are hand crafted from natural materials. Glue and metal fixings are not used in our coffins, ensuring they are 100% biodegradable.


Elements included as standard:


A Wooden name plate base.

Strong plywood or solid pinewood base.
Removable cotton liner,cover and pillow.


The coffins internal size: 5'4"x18",  5'8"x18",  5'10"x20",  6'0x20",  6'2x22",  6'4"x24", 6'7"x24".

 It is available to any size and design as your requirement.  






                                                              Curve End Willow Coffin.  





                                                              Oval Willow Coffin.






                                                              Traditional Buff Willow Coffin. 






                                                              Traditional White Willow Coffin. 






                                                              Traditional Rustic Willow Coffin.






                                                              Half round Willow Coffin.